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Langkawi Island Hopping is a term that has several different definitions as it is applied in various fields. Generally, the term refers to the means of crossing an ocean by a series of shorter journeys between islands, as opposed to a single journey directly across the ocean to the destination.

Island Hopping Activities – to go to ;

  1. Pulau Dayang Bunting – The pregnant Maiden Island ;

The name comes from the island’s physical appearance, which looked like a pregnant lady lying on her back . . However, the name of both the island and lake is attributed to the legend of a lovely fairy princess who married an earthly prince. Her first child died shortly after birth. She was so sad and depressed that she buried the child in the crystal clear waters of the lake. Before she returned to her celestial abode, she blessed the waters so that any childless maiden who bathed in the lake would conceive thereafter.
Activities package – Freshwater lake / swimming / Catfish massage



  1. Around Pulau Singa Besar ;

Go to around Pulau Singa Besar to see eagle feeding. Instead,it was the boatman boatman who threw the meat into the water while visitor sit on the boat looking at the eagles ‘preying’ for those meat floating on the water .There were about 30 eagles of various colors (grey, brown, black) flying around and retrieving chicken meats thrown into the water
Activities package– Eagle feeding / Mangrove swamp


See here for Eagle feeding activities at Pulau Singa


  1. Pulau Beras Basah ;

literally means Island of Wet Rice. It features lush, mysterious jungle with mountains looming in the background. You can expect to see spectacular sights like the breathtakingly beautiful beach with its white powdery sand and blue-green waters. Do some snorkelling or swimming–or simply relax in the sun.
Activities package – Secluded beach / swimming / Crystal clear water


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RM250 for charter one boat max 8 person . Or you can sharing (RM40/adult).

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More activites at Langkawi island ....Langkawi Coral at Payar Island snorkerling/diving,fishing trip ....

Langkawi Payar Island- THE PEARL OF LANGKAWI, Spectacular coral reefs and colourful tropical marine lifes in Payar Island Marine Park, best place for snorkeling in Langkawi Island. situated in the northern part of the Straits of  Malacca ,19 nautical miles south of Langkawi  .The most scenic marine park in the west peninsular Malaysia. The marine park is claimed as the most beautiful due to the existence of coral reefs and clear sea water. a trip to  Payar Island Marine Park is not only a voyage down to the underwater kingdom, it is a spring to the arms of mother nature.It is the only marine park in the west of peninsular and is an-hour boat ride away from south of Langkawi.

See the Shark feeding activity at Coral Island


The marine park is known as a sanctuary for an extensive range of marine organisms and almost 100 species of fish, which include porcupine fish, ghost pipe fish, red-spotted sweet lips, rock fish, goat fish, pennant butterfly fish, lion fish, bat fish and banner fish, among others. Visitors may swim in the clear water and amuse themselves by "playing" with the friendly fishes and just south of Pulau Payar, Just of the beach, one can indulge in the thrilling experience of  feeding baby shark , giant garoupa or swimming with the barracuda..there is a coral park, where divers and snorkelers may find an abundance of soft coral reefs. . Here, you may find big fishes such as sharks, giant sea-perches (more than 1 metres long), barracudas, eels and many others.

Payar Island = RM1300/1boat - max 12 adults

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